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Home Renovation

When you’re ready to redesign your home are building a new house, the style and decor that is used will influence the appeal of the interior setting. When it comes to designing the house, it’s important to follow the latest trends to make the space look contemporary and updated. Here are some of the top home renovation trends for 2018 to consider incorporating into your home.

Metallic Elements


Metallic elements that are used throughout the home will add a touch of shimmer and shine in areas that can look bland. Metallics can anchor a room and can be used with a side table or lamp that is on display in the living room. Using hand-painted metallic throws on the couch or with artwork that is on the wall will incorporate an artistic flair that is eye-catching. Don’t be afraid to mix different types of metallic elements to create a visually appealing environment that is eclectic.

Brass is one of the more popular metallic elements to choose, which can be used with the hardware that is installed on your kitchen cabinets or with the faucets in your bathroom. You can select the best pieces that complement the space when planning your home renovation to make the room appear modern and cozy.

Wood Treatments

Natural elements will add an earthy touch to the kitchen or office where there are sleek and high-end appliances and electronics present. The natural wood pieces will contribute to the contrast of the decor with hand-carved wood bowls that are used on the dining table and wood barstools at the kitchen island.


Although wallpaper was a hit in the ’80s, it’s considered to be one of the top home trends for 2018 because it adds a fun and bold print to the room. Consider using an oversized floral print or vertical stripes to make your home appear regal and high-end. Agate wallpaper will also incorporate a natural element that looks chic. The wallpaper can be used in a small bathroom to boost visual interest of the space or on an accent wall in larger rooms to prevent the print from overpowering the setting.

Natural Elements

The natural elements that are used in the home can reflect the elements that are found in the local area to bring a touch of the outside into your house. When planning your home renovation, consider incorporating natural limestone into a bathroom, which can be added to the walls. Look for materials that are durable and will last long-term.

Woven textures can also be used to lighten up the space and make it appear light and airy. Consider using woven baskets by the fireplace or near the entryway.

Bold Colors

Although beige and neutral color shades were common in past years, bold colors are reigning with interior design because they create more interest in the home. Intense colors that include navy blue, hot pink, and black are increasing in popularity for their unique look that is unexpected. If you want to prevent the colors from looking outdated in the coming years as new trends emerge, consider using the shades on an accent wall or with a furniture item that is in the room.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are considered to be a safe option when building or doing home renovations because they’re neutral and will maintain their appeal for many years. Install them on a backsplash in the bathroom or in your kitchen to dress up the walls.

Knowing the top home renovation trends for 2018 will allow you to create a beautiful setting that looks modern but will last for years. Knowing the right contractors to call isn’t quite as easy. Luckily, HellcatĀ Construction in Savannah, Ga, is here to help you with every construction project you have, from residential to commercial, from renovation to building anew. Call us today at 912-335-3881 for a free consultation on your project!