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Commercial Construction

Many people underestimate the influence their surroundings have on their work experience and efficiency. Having a solid work-space that is both inspiring and economical can change the way an individual works and increase productivity. There are many commercial construction options for all budgets that can improve both small and large businesses looking for work-space solutions.

The first step in considering renovation is goal setting. This includes what problems the renovation is expected to solve, how it can enhance the business, and of course, setting a budget plan. Some important factors in the early stages of planning a commercial construction project for your work space are listed below.

It is important to evaluate whether your workspace simply needs improving or a complete rebuild. Sometimes all that is needed is introduction of enhanced or updated technology. Although this can often be one of the most expensive pieces of renovation, it can also be the most rewarding.

  • Will the existing infrastructure withstand planned workspace changes?
  • What are the exact reasons for this renovation? (new tenants, function changes of the space, aesthetic improvements, increased energy efficiency, infrastructure improvements?)
  • Will business resume during construction?
  • Outside expenses for the project. ( building permits, regulatory agencies)
  • Setting a clear budget and including a contingency budget
  • Construction timeframe.
  • What are the quality expectations of the renovation, and will the budget cover all build out expenses?
  • Create a realistic schedule. Plan for a few days of interruptions during construction. If construction ends earlier than expected, everyone will be happy. Allowing enough time for each project phase is very important. Some of the phases will take longer than others by nature.

It is extremely important to research the specific problems you are trying to solve by renovating your workspace. Proper planning can eliminate both large and small problems with your current workspace. Increased security, improved technology, increased privacy, and energy efficiency or some of the major reasons a renovation to your workspace can increase your business. Increased work efficiency, high morale, and better organization are some of the advantages of workspace improvements that seem small, but can make a huge difference over time. The most efficient workers often times enjoy their work environment. For instance, if someone has a desk near the toilet or kitchen area of the workspace, it is more likely that they have complaints about their capabilities to focus in that area. Providing a neutral work setting that eliminates distractions is important and can make a huge difference within the company. Sometimes the only way to do so is to consider a commercial construction project.

There are several smaller improvements that can be made to enhance the office space. Adding bits of color or new decorations to a workspace can be inspiring and improve work efficiency. Play with different colors in the workspace to see which ones work best for your business. Adding a new scent to the work area can elicit positive change as well. Cinnamon is said to improve focus, while pine scents tend to improve alertness. Larger improvements like increasing natural light and providing more space for individual workers can help achieve higher work quality.

Hellcat Construction in Savannah offers the best options to improve work morale, organization, increased storage space, and will work with you to improve your work area. Hellcat prides themselves on delivering uncompromising quality, on time, and within the given budget. Whether it be introducing low energy lighting to cut costs, changing wall color, or a complete transformation to your work-space, they offer uncompromising work and satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a call today at 912-335-3881 or fill out an online contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.