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Home Renovation

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market in the future, you may be considering doing some residential construction or reconstruction: the kind that will help your home attract the highest price in the market. But wait! What do you know about home renovation? You may think that replacing your tatty carpeting and out-dated features will help you increase the value of your home, but can it? Before you start your home renovation process, here is what you should know. Not all renovations have a good return on investment; some might even turn out to be turn-offs. Here are six home renovations that will definitely bring you a handsome return on investment.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

In today’s home market, renovating your kitchen and bathrooms is one of the surest ways of ensuring your house attracts the highest prices on the market. These rooms return more than 100% of the cost that you will spend to spruce them up. Therefore, it only makes sense that you make your buyers like what they see when they enter your kitchen and bathrooms. What exactly should you focus on to ensure these rooms deliver the highest return? Well, it all depends on your budget and timeline. All in all, you should understand that we all have different tastes. Hence, you should ensure you give these two rooms a neutral look. You should avoid weird colors because they might repel buyers instead of attracting them.

Basement Renovations

You think that basement renovations are a waste of time? Well, think again. Renovating your basement will not only help you maximize your home’s storage space but will also help improve its value. For a residential construction, a basement renovation will give you an ROI (return on investment) of about 70%. It should be noted that basement remodeling is not just about getting rid of pesky basement smells and fixing leaking parts. No! You ought to give your basement a look that will wow your buyers. Besides, you should avoid all renovations that chop up your basement’s space. Go for a basement renovation will keep it more open.

A Better Front Door

Home RenovationThis is another home renovation project that will bring you a handsome return on investment. According to a recent study, if you invest in a steel entry door, you will recoup more than 91% of the cost. The study also shows that if you invest in fiberglass entry door, you will get back roughly 78 % of the cost.

Don’t stop at the entry door. A new garage door is also a good investment. If you replace your old garage door, you can expect to recover nearly 85% of the money you used for the project.

Improved Landscaping

Landscaping renovations will definitely help you increase your home’s value. However, you must be careful and only go for landscaping improvements that pay off. Plant plenty of trees. As shown by latest studies, trees can add $1000 to $ 10,000 to your home’s value. This is an awesome ROI; right? Choose your landscaping renovations wisely.

New Windows

After checking your kitchen and bathrooms, home buyers will take a look at your windows. If they are old, consider replacing them. You should, however, avoid overpriced and a top of the line windows because you may not get your money back. Instead, go for cheaper windows such vinyl windows that may have a 75% return on investment.

Of course, there are other home renovation projects with high ROI. However, the ones mentioned above are sure-fire investments and will never disappoint you.

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