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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home — where your family meals are prepared and where people come together to enjoy each others’ company. Kitchen renovation can be one of the most nerve-wracking and worthwhile investments you make. In addition to providing a high return on investment, a new kitchen will offer you a host of benefits that you may not have considered.

1. Improved Functionality

Renovation can increase your kitchen’s functionality in several ways. You can optimize your space and storage by reconfiguring the entire kitchen layout. For example, adding more cabinet units or extending existing ones will create more storage space. Installing a kitchen island will provide additional sitting space and help create a dining area where your family can sit together and enjoy meals. Even simple changes such as replacing light fixtures can enhance the usability to your kitchen.

2. Improved Aesthetic

Improving your kitchen’s look will breathe new life into your home. You can give your kitchen a visual update by repainting, installing new lighting fixtures, cabinets and flooring. Increase your home value with high-quality materials, such as a traditional mahogany finish for the cabinets and granite for the counters. Take advantage of the opportunity to express your personality through design.

3. Value Added to Your Home

If you plan on selling your home soon, or at any point in the future, you most probably want to sell it at the highest possible value. Renovating your kitchen is one sure way of increasing your home’s value on the market. It will also attract prospective investors and increase your chances of making a sale. The kitchen can often make or break a deal when trying to sell your home, so it’s no wonder upgrading your kitchen can provide you with up to 70% return on investment.

residential Kitchen renovation

4. More Space

A renovation will declutter your kitchen. Older kitchens tend to be more cramped when compared to modern kitchens built in homes under 20 years old. You can remodel your kitchen to change its layout to include additional space. An open floor plan harmonizes the space in the kitchen, dining room and living room — because it enhances interactions within your family. With fewer walls, someone in the kitchen can see the TV and converse with others while cooking — making the entire space feel more interconnected.

5. Sustainability

You can become more eco-friendly by replacing appliances in your kitchen with more energy-efficient models. Use appliances that have met the energy efficiency standards as set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Other area of improvement include low-flow water faucets to minimize water wastage and renewable materials, such as bamboo, salvaged wood and cork for your floor, countertops and cabinets. These changes will help reduce your energy costs significantly and will also make your home attractive to homebuyers.

6. Comfort

A kitchen remodel can improve comfort in your home in several ways. For instance, upgrading the ventilation can help eliminate odors and excess heat produced while cooking. Adding a kitchen island also will provide comfort for your family as you sit around the dining area to enjoy meals together.

Beginning Your Residential Kitchen Renovation

If you’re interested in embarking on a residential kitchen renovation, the first step to take should be to find a company that you trust to do the job. With all the responsibility that comes with making your home look beautiful and function efficiently, it’s important to hire professionals you can rely on. At Hellcat Construction, we provide our clients seasoned expertise at reasonable prices. Call us today at 912-335-3881 or fill out an online contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours!