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The business world is constantly changing, and much of the success of your business depends on the facilities that house it. You’re considering a building project and whether it’s best to renovate, expand or build new office space. No matter which route you take, your business can benefit from renovating office space. Here are some reasons for taking the plunge…

Improve the Image of Your Business

What’s the first thing your clients or customers see when they visit your business? Obviously, it’s the building or the infrastructure of your business. A new, expanded or renovated office space sends the message that your company is growing and prospering.

A new building especially conveys to the entire community that your business cares about the community and intends to remain there as a standard fixture.

Boost Employee Performance and Morale

Who’ll benefit most from your new, expanded or renovated office space? Your employees, of course, will be most appreciative of their new surroundings! Imagine how personalizing the design of new office space can impact employee productivity and morale.

As your business grows, personal space becomes more limited in work areas and meeting and break rooms. These factors, along with worn or outdated office space, can lead to decreased employee performance and productivity. Old or cramped office space can actually affect how an employee performs on the job. Studies show that over half of employees find their work more stimulating after their office space has been renovated. Distraction times also drop after renovation. Another interesting finding is that removing cubicle walls cuts the volume of e-mail in half.

Cut Maintenance Costs by Renovating Office Space

New, expanded or renovated office space requires less maintenance than an old building that constantly needs patching and replacing worn and torn structure and fabric. It also provides a safe environment free of toxic substances such as asbestos found in buildings constructed prior to the late 1970’s.

Lower Costs in the Long Run

In the short term, your new, expanded or renovated office space will be a major investment and take a big chunk out of your budget. As time goes on, however, you’ll begin to realize substantial savings in lower maintenance and utility costs. A construction project that utilizes sustainable materials and design and renewable sources of energy will pay off in huge savings in the future. Let Hellcat Construction help you decide on the details of your next commercial project!