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How to Update Your Home with Modern Flair that Will Stand the Test of Time

Your home is your personal space — the one place where you are supposed to feel comfortable, to unwind and to feel at ease — which is why it’s important to update the surroundings to make it look contemporary and appealing. Here are some trends to consider. Let Hellcat Residential Construction Contractors Savannah GA help with a few tips.

Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns add a bold look and can be used on wallpaper in the master bedroom or the tiles in the bathrooms. Circle and octagon patterns are considered to be the new triangle and work well when making the interior setting have a retro but updated style. Make a statement with a minimal touch of this trend that will continue looking contemporary for many years to come when remodeling with residential construction contractors in Savannah GA.

Wood Treatments
Modern homes can look cold and bland due to too many lines and muted shades of color. Break up the monotony by adding wood treatments that soften the space with a natural element. Consider installing wood treatments in unexpected areas, such as the ceiling or accent walls. Using wood materials near white walls or cabinets also offers plenty of contrast that is visually appealing.
If you want to add more natural elements, look for materials that are present in the local area and can be installed by residential construction contractors in Savannah GA. The elements should complement the architecture and design of the home, which can benefit with the use of limestone or marble that is incorporated.

Metallic Elements
Metallic elements anchor a room and can allow it to appear high-end for a touch of sparkle that brightens up the space. Consider installing gold sconces in the bathroom or bedroom with an artistic flair that is chic and regal when working with residential construction contractors in Savannah GA. Add metallic furniture that balances out upholstered or wood pieces.

Brass accents are one of the latest trends for the year and can be used on the pulls or handles on cabinets and the faucets on sinks. Brass has a warm and subtle appearance that looks beautiful when paired with white or wood. It’s considered to be a modern substitute for stainless steel when you’re looking to make a change that isn’t too dramatic.

Artisan Fixtures
To create a more unique and original design in the home, light fixtures that are artisan and look more original than what you’d find at a home goods store are becoming more common in residential buildings. The fixtures often include LED lights and work as one of the main focal points in the room while also drawing the eye upward.

Clean Lines
Clean lines are a must-have when redesigning the home, which can be created with the use of kitchen cabinets that don’t feature ornate designs or inlays. Choosing minimal cabinets can allow them to continue looking stylish when they’re repainted in the coming years to prevent them from appearing outdated.

Adding extra texture in the home is necessary because it has more longevity and won’t look outdated next season. Consider adding a cowhide rug to your home office or a living room, which is classier than a chevron print rug that is outdated after a year or two. Choose interesting texture pieces when hanging your curtains or selecting ottomans, which will look beautiful for many years to come as the trends change and evolve.
When it’s time to redesign the home and make it look contemporary, there are a few trends to consider for the coming year. With the right materials and color, you can feel proud to show off the house to your guests.