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An office renovation does more than make a space look new. It can boost employee morale and productivity. Updating the physical structure of your building also gives clients the idea that your enterprise is financially stable. By seeking the help of the pros at commercial construction companies in Savannah GA, you get quality craftsmanship and a project that’s on time and within budget.

Resizing Business Spaces

There are many types of renovations to fit all budgets. For instance, cost-efficient projects such as painting or adding a door are simple upgrades that can make a big difference to your commercial space.

Another type of office renovation is the reconfiguration of spaces. For clothing retail stores, enlarging or changing the location of fitting rooms could result in more customers trying on your apparel. If you have office space that is not used much, consider making space for a larger meeting room. As your business grows, less room for meetings and the crowding of employees can cause a drop in productivity. Broader hallways and walkways can reduce the number of accidents.

Meeting Compliance Standards

During a project, commercial construction companies in Savannah GA  will assign a project manager who will work with you to understand the needs of your project and who will provide guidance on necessary changes that meet compliance standards.

For instance, some buildings in Savannah GA are designated as historical structures that have strict guidelines to follow.  As a business grows, building codes require more bathrooms to accommodate the greater number of employees. And the Americans With Disabilities Act mandates that bathrooms be accessible to all people. Your project manager can walk you through all these processes.


Better lighting can result in fewer mistakes at work and accidents. A reduction in on-the-job injuries also means a reduced number of workers compensation costs. For instance, adding windows can enhance the mood and space with natural lighting. Adding LED lights can save money on energy and maintenance costs.

Electrical Outlets and Energy Selections

Sometimes simple projects make the biggest impact. Installing additional electrical outlets will allow  employees to use their technological equipment with ease. Changing your old HVAC system to a newer one can result in savings on energy costs.

When commercial construction companies in Savannah GA finishes an office renovation, your place of business will look more attractive to visitors. This can result in more sales from old customers and bring in new ones, too. It’s also a boost to employee recruitment.

Removal of Unhealthy Products

Many buildings built before 1978 contain asbestos. Contact a commercial construction company in Savannah GA for safe removal. Save on water bills by switching to low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucet aerators.

Want better organized employees? Add more storage space.

Office renovations of many types are a win-win for you as a business owner. Contact one of the commercial construction companies in Savannah GA for guidance in getting a quality construction job that suits your budget and needs.