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Number 9 Ossabaw Road in Savannah was used by the owner as a rental property for many years, and it was time to sell. Before that could happen, the place needed a major facelift.

The owner found Hellcat Construction through word of mouth from another one of our happy customers. We’re honored that he chose us to be his contractor of choice! Savannah home remodeling is what we do best. 

The house started life as a three bedroom,  one bathroom built in 1975. Our client knew he could not only recover his investment in a remodel but make a profit if it was converted to a four bedroom, three bathroom home. Additionally, more open space, a master suite with its own bathroom and an updated kitchen was on his list for creating a home that would sell easily.

Savannah home remodeling from Empire ConstructionAlong the way, the Hellcat Construction crew installed new floors, moved and enlarged the kitchen, put in new cabinets, countertops, lighting and appliances.

The master suite was done as an addition to the side of the home and blends in so that it looks like it might be original. Overall, the look and quality of the home is light years ahead of where it was as a rental, and the property value has jumped considerably. In 2016, the home sold for $107,000 and it recently listed at a price of $250,000.

The Savannah Home Remodeling Process 

Our favorite part of the remodel was watching the complete transformation of the home from start to finish, especially when the owner would come in for a look at our progress. At first, there is typically not much to see — a lot of demolition and chaos. As the project comes together, you the potential of what’s coming emerges.

We discuss projects with our clients extensively and normally suggest that they have a clear vision of what the end result will be. We help dreams become reality by drawing on our extensive experience and talented professionals to craft what works for each unique client.

Part of that master plan is knowing your budget in advance. That dollar figure may change, but it gives everyone involved a starting point and indicates what is possible. There are always trade-offs as well. Most of our clients end up moving resources to one feature and away from another that may not be as important as they initially thought. And, including a small percentage as a buffer against unforeseen complications is always a good idea!

The True Cost of Construction

We are often asked about financing. One of the best ways to fund a remodel is through a home equity line if you have a reasonable level of equity paid into your house. It typically requires an appraisal of your home’s value, good credit scores and a couple of weeks to get approved. It’s very helpful to take this step early on or even before you meet with us so you know what your budget is and decisions can be made more quickly.

Living in a house that is being remodeled can be frustrating and inconvenient. If it’s at all possible, we suggest strongly that families stay elsewhere during the most intensive phases of construction, or stay in a part of the house that isn’t affected. We also tell them to plan for unexpected expenses like compensating for an out-of-commission kitchen by eating out for a period of time.

Savannah home remodeling from Empire ConstructionExpert Advice for Your Remodel

There’s no time or season that’s better for starting a remodel. Here in southeastern Georgia, we can work year-round with no problem (except for the occasional hurricane!). Just remember to plan your project around any important dates on your calendar, and allow for extra time when setting a completion date.

Special orders should be paid for and in transit as soon as possible. The last thing we want is for our customers to have to wait for a special door or fireplace to be delivered while the entire project is held up.

Finally, we encourage constant communication. Come in and have a look around as we work (we may make you wear a hard hat!). Believe us when we tell you that it’s much easier to make a change while a project is in process than after it’s all done! Let us know if something doesn’t look right or you change your mind about a feature. It’s normal to make adjustments as we go!

What’s it like to choose Hellcat Construction for your project?

As the owner of this recent project will tell you, we listen to our clients. Our primaries have been in the building business for many years and we’ve see it all, so not much surprises us. Our past clients will tell you how responsive we are to their input and we can make something work out as a win-win.

This recent rental remodel turned out to be a great little house! It’s close to schools, the new Islands Kroger and the McCorkle Bike Trail. It’s 1,500 square feet of charm and functionality with a nice, large backyard ready for landscaping!  

Are you ready for a partial or complete Savannah home remodeling? Call us at 912-335-3881 to set up an appointment or click here.