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After you’ve considered all reasons for and against the many options for changing your facilities, you’ll likely need to decide whether building, expanding or renovating office space is best for your business. Some commercial construction questions to think about when you’re deciding include:

  1. Does my business need new space, or would it be sufficient to renovate the current space?
  2. Does my business need more space or just an upgrade of the current space?
  3. How will my business operate and my employees work during the construction period?

Weigh your options based on finances. New commercial construction is, of course, more expensive when you consider the additional costs of land, planning and designing, materials and labor, but it could actually end up saving money over time.

Consider the timeline required for the project. If you need your office space immediately or within a short time, renovation might be a good option. If, however, you have a bit more time and are looking to the future, you may benefit more from new construction. Another concern might be the need for relocation if the surrounding land prices or building codes would affect a new construction project.

One disadvantage of renovation is the noise or interruption that can affect your employees and customers while the project is ongoing.

Perhaps you’re not ready to build new office space but you still need room and want to expand. Unlike remodeling, expanding lets your employees work without as much disruption in their present space. Expansion allows you to upgrade at a moderate cost to accommodate modern technology. Consider retrofitting your current space to accommodate any future upgrades in function, including computer or phone networking.

Despite the cost, new construction offers many benefits that you’ll appreciate in the future. You have unlimited options to personalize the size and floor plans of your new space. Modern construction also will ensure your facility can support operations for years to come. Think about the potential you have to bring a new image to your brand in your new facility.

Renovating an Historic Building

Southeastern Georgia is home to many historic buildings waiting to be renovated into modern office space. If you’re considering such a project, there are some factors you should take into account. First, the U.S. Department of Interior requires certain features to be preserved when rehabilitating an historic building. Second, when at all possible, regulations stipulate that a deteriorated structure must be repaired if at all possible rather than replaced.

Generally, office buildings constructed prior to World War II featured plaster walls and ceilings, wood flooring and smaller interior spaces. As central HVAC gained in popularity in the post-war era, office design became more open, flexible and adaptable to modern technological advances.

Whether you choose to renovate an older historic building or a more contemporary one depends upon the needs of your individual business. A small business may be able to get by with the limited space and hallways of an older building. It can be more challenging, however, for a larger business that requires ample open space.

Commercial Construction

Whether you’ve decided to renovate, expand or construct new office space or are still uncertain which is best for you, an experienced contractor can help you design a project that’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

At Hellcat Construction, we’re committed to satisfying our customers from design to completion of their commercial building projects. Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business by expanding, renovating or building new office space.