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Deciding to remodel your bathroom gives you the opportunity to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re remediating common bathroom problems like mold or worn fixtures, or you are renovating because your home needs a change because you’re tired of that old shabby bathroom, now is the time to go all out with a new bathroom design.

Your New Bathroom Remodel

Renovating an old bathroom is an exciting process but it takes time, money, great design, and a lot of planning. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what it takes to redo your bathroom:

Go with an Efficient Layout

Redesigning your bathroom gives you the opportunity to completely change what’s bugging you. If this is the case with your bathroom remodel, you’ll want to start the process by coming up with a layout that is both efficient and pleasing.

Consider common bathroom floor plans like the one, two, or three wet wall layout. With one-wall layouts, your toilet, shower, and sink will share one wall. The two and three wall layout divvy up these wet appliances between one or two more walls, respectively.

How do you move around in your bathroom? Where do you want to store things- out of sight, or ready at hand? How much time do you plan on spending in there? Do you need a tub for soaking or are you a quick in-and-outer?

Work within Your Budget

Too many times, homeowners go into a remodel without carefully planning their budget. Be sure to consider every aspect of your home remodeling before launching into your renovation. An extensive bathroom renovation can cost upwards of $15,000

A basic remodel of a smaller bathroom typically starts at $8,000. If you are hoping to make your renovation as cost effective as possible, carefully consider every material you want to use, who you will hire for labor, and any items you can save from the old bathroom.

Use Lighting that Makes Sense

Don’t remodel your bathroom without first thinking about where you need the best lighting. As you plan, keep in mind that lighting is always essential around eye level and in mirrors. Similarly, you’ll want to consider using ceiling mounted lighting fixtures to keep the entire room well-lit. There are many, many clever lighting ideas that will fit your bathroom’s style and functionality.

Consider Popular Bathroom Trends

Your bathroom renovation will easily increase your home’s market value. Take full advantage of this by using your renovation to go for popular bathroom trends. Right now, homeowners and renters alike love luxury showers that create a spa-like ambiance. This type of shower requires ceiling-mounted shower heads, body spray shower heads, handheld showerheads, and anything else that brings the relaxing atmosphere of the spa into your bathroom.

Use Cabinetry to Bring Your Style to Life

Another popular trend today is to show your style in cabinetry. Many homeowners that choose to redesign their bathrooms are opting for custom wall-mounted cabinets and more elaborate vanities. As you search for your perfect style, consider what you want your bathroom to say about you. Be it traditional, contemporary, or vintage — your cabinetry can truly set your bathroom apart.

Choose the Best Flooring

Flooring in your bathroom has to do double duty. It needs to look incredible while being impenetrable to water. For a luxury remodel, consider options like ceramic and stone tiles. Whichever flooring you choose should have a flooring finish that affords traction when wet.

Your bathroom should be a place for relaxation and renewal. Be sure to do all the necessary planning, budgeting, and prep work that goes into building a better bathroom before beginning the renovation process. Use these six tips to help bring your dream bathroom to life.

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