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Where you work matters, and the design of your office plays a critical role in determining employee productivity. Business owners already understand this fact, and this explains the massive shift in office designs away from the traditional office environment of cubicles and windowless warehouses. But the relationship between productivity and office design extends beyond larger spaces and comfy chairs. It boils down to the neglected intangibles that can often accompany renovating office space. These include:

The choice of office color

Did you know that the color of your walls has a significant impact on employee creativity, happiness, focus and overall efficiency? If you are renovating the office environment with the aim of improving productivity, a recent study advises that you avoid the commonly used office colors like white, gray, or beige. These trigger feelings of sadness and stress. Instead, go for blue or green as these were found to increase focus and efficiency while yellow induces happiness.

Flexible workspace

Different employees are most active in different environments. While some function best in isolated and totally silent environments, others are comfortable when they form part of a group. Take these into consideration when renovating office space and come up with flexible settings and options for the entire workforce.

This may include designing music rooms where employees can wind down while listening to music as well as quiet spaces where they can have some alone time, make calls, and take naps.

Innovation and meeting hubs

Every office should have a brainstorming and meeting area where different employees can come together to share and exchange ideas. This collaborative workplace may include a group desk that also serves as the meeting room.

Experts agree that this often neglected office feature goes a long way toward promoting employee confidence while encouraging teamwork. And the two have a positive impact on each employee’s bottom line.

Allowing the penetration of sunlight

One of the greatest shortcomings of the traditional cubicle-based workplace was its lack of access to natural light. Human behavior researchers concluded that the lack of or limited access to natural light in an office is the leading cause of listlessness, depression, and sluggish behaviors with your employees.

The lack of natural light also promotes abnormal sleep activities. Your renovation project should, therefore, involve bringing in as much natural light to the workplace as possible. Time and again, natural light has been associated with steady cardiac rhythms that affect an employee’s energy and focus.

Bring nature to the office environment

A 2011 study revealed that the presence of plants in the workplace not only makes employees happier but also helps reduce incidences of fatigue while increasing their attention. Going green at the workplace both indoors and outdoors, therefore, plays a significant role in boosting their productivity. When designing new office space, don’t forget about including greenery in the plan!


A quick look at some of the fast-rising startups across the country reveals that most have embraced most, if not all, of the productivity-boosting factors. Most are also gradually renovating their office spaces and incorporating such features as open layouts that allow for maximum penetration of natural light at the workplace.

They then complement this feature with creative background colors, group desks, and greenery both in and outside the office environment. You too can replicate these features within your workplace by engaging professional office renovators that can also offer additional advice on how to further boost productivity within your workplace.

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