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Your Best Kitchen Remodel

When considering a kitchen remodel, there are two things that you should consider: storage and aesthetics. People who choose to follow the modern aesthetic of sleek lines,high-gloss surfaces and a clutter-free space adore the ultra-clean appearance. Whether you’re a homeowner with a kitchen that needs to be completely torn out and redone or you just need a few updates, here are 15 ideas for modern kitchens.


Cabinetry designers have taken into account that the average homeowner needs to efficiently use every spare inch of their kitchen, and they’ve designed some pretty amazing cabinets. If you’ve ever reorganized your kitchen and finally found the lids to Tupperware containers that you thought were lost forever, then you’ll appreciate a tiered pull-out design. This type of cabinet is on a wheeled track, and allows you to completely pull out the drawer so that you can see everything. In a traditional lower cabinet, there are always items that are pushed to the back and then long forgotten.


Placing drawers where there would traditionally be the baseboard is another clever use of space. Especially if you are looking for extra storage space, it’s wasteful to overlook this prime location to house muffin pans, baking pans, and skillets.


If you are interested in adding banquette seating to your kitchen remodel, make sure you use the space to its fullest advantage. Banquette seating is often designed to lift up on a hinge at the back of the seat. This offers additional storage space, but it requires that you have retrieved everything you need before anyone has sat down. Another option is to build a drawer on the side of the seating area. This allows you to gain space without asking your guests or family to move.

Charging Drawer

Even 10 years ago, there wasn’t a need for designated places to charge electronic devices. However, the kitchen is a common place where  people like to charge cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. A drawer with a charging station is a way that can cut down on the counter clutter and create a cleaner, sleeker aesthetic.

ColorsKitchen Remodel

White is a classic color in kitchen design, and white cabinets are still popular because of their crisp appearance. Many homeowners are pairing white with off-white, creating a slightly less stark and clinical appearance. Gray is a popular color for now, but you should be careful when using it because the gray trend is on the decline and will soon look dated. White is a classic color in the modern design aesthetic, especially in kitchens, and jewel tones (such as amethyst, emerald, and ruby) can keep things from looking dated by adding an updated touch.


Mid-century modern has been on trend since 1998. It’s a design movement defined by bold graphic design, architecture and urban development from 1933 to 1965. Use furniture to highlight modern design elements. Backless bar stools with chrome footrests, for instance, have a modern aesthetic.  

Counter Tops

Quartz is a popular material for counter tops in the kitchen, and lends itself nicely to the modern aesthetic. One of the benefits of quartz is that it is less porous than marble and granite. A close contender is granite. However, granite is higher maintenance because it is wholly rock material. For a warmer look, butcher block can be used as the counter top — which can look sleek when it is stained a dark color.


The two most popular flooring trends for the kitchen are wood and ceramic tile. Wood floors can add warmth to an otherwise stark kitchen. Dark stains are popular and look great with white cabinets while lighter stains can lighten up a kitchen with darker cabinets and paint. Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and it’s popular because it’s easy to clean.


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For 2018, lighting is less utilitarian and more extravagant. Recessed and track lighting have been staples in kitchen lighting for years, but there is also room for more decorative lighting.  Lighting is one of the easiest things to update for a cost-effective and quick kitchen remodel.


Stainless steel appliances have become a staple of modern kitchens because they look sleek and clean. In the right environment, though, black and white can complement a modern aesthetic. Another option to consider is concealed appliances. The idea is to make the appliances, such as the refrigerator, blend in with the cabinetry so that the warmth of the cabinetry is the focus, rather than the appliance. White cabinets can be combined with a white refrigerator that is flush with the cabinets.


The Subway tile trend in kitchens are still going strong. They look sleek alongside modern aesthetics. Honeycomb-shaped tile is one of the newer design trends, used in backsplashes and flooring.

Fixtures and Hardwarekitchen remodel

Chrome and brushed nickel are still the top two materials for kitchen fixture materials. Modern faucets generally have simple lines or a curved neck. If you choose to add hardware to cabinets, brushed nickel or chrome with sleek lines and little ornamentation will add a modern look. Some cabinets do not need hardware such as drawer pulls. This also gives a sleek and modern look.


Large kitchen islands have become a staple of kitchen design because they offer optimal workspace that allows the person preparing food to interact with others. In addition to cooking and cleaning, eating in the kitchen has become increasingly popular. With so many people in the kitchen area, there needs to be separate areas for eating, washing dishes, and cooking.


The fabric of a window treatment or cushion of a dining room chair or barstool is a good place to use jewel tones if you want to incorporate that trend. When it comes to any fads in home design, it’s important to be cautious because the popularity might fade in a few years. If you want a little bit of color to add warmth to a modern kitchen, add punches of color in items that can easily be changed, such as fabric on barstools.

Window Treatments

There are numerous options with window treatments. Before you proceed, consider your needs and how much you want to use modern aesthetics. Choices include frosting the glass with a spray, window cling, or purchase glass that has a texture. This option works well if you want privacy and have an unsightly view, but you still want to let light into your kitchen. If you are interested in drapes or curtains, there are many styles that you can choose from. Add punch to a drab kitchen with geometric patterns.

Whether your personal tastes trend toward modern or traditional, your focus should not solely be on the exact materials, colors and lines but how you combine all of these home design elements. Current trends allow homeowners to mix and match what they find appealing. This means that not everything needs to match in your upcoming kitchen remodel.