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Construction and design experts are predicting some exciting changes in home buyer preferences, technological trends, and strong housing demands. Lucky for you, most of the new innovative bathroom remodel trends are cost effective and user friendly to homeowners like you!  One of the core real estate trends that all of the experts can agree on is  that you can never go wrong with a modern bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Trends- not your grandma’s bathroom!

Thinking about re-doing your bathroom? You do spend a lot of time in there, so why not make your stay a pleasant one? We’ve compiled a list of 5 bathroom remodel trends that will definitely give you some great ideas to include in your project.

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Who knew the bathroom would also become a tech room? As your transforming your bathroom we’ve compiled a few tech savvy items to include.

Showers aren’t just for getting clean any longer. Indulge yourself by installing a Chromatherapy Shower. Chromatherapy uses colored LEDs in your tub or shower that cycle through therapeutic color shades and bathe you in tranquil or invigorating color to balance your energy. Some may call it a pseudoscience, but it makes for a really nice shower or bath experience. See Kohler’s version of Chromatherapy in action.

Make sure your bathroom remodel includes a refrigerated medicine cabinet for storing medicine, cosmetics and other small items requiring refrigeration. It takes “Store in a cool, dry place” seriously. It can be mounted anywhere on a bathroom wall, hard wired into the electrical system. Insulated with adjustable shelves, your refrigerated medicine cabinet is guaranteed to be one of the “hottest” bathroom remodel trends of 2019.

No trendy bathroom model would be complete without a high tech toilet. If you’re ready for them, you can get advanced toilets that offer luxurious features such as an automatically opening and closing lid, auto flush, heated seat, treated water to self-clean the bowl, a nightlight, warm air dryer after a bidet-style cleaning jet, deodorizing ability and even a remote control.


bathroom remodel trends

Whether on the floor or wall, graphic patterns are the perfect accent tile in any room! Either in soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colors the intricate patterns available for these tiles with lure you in and capture your attention. These bathroom remodel trends are number one on our list because it’s going to be, or should I say, it already is very popular! From subway tiles to artisanal ceramic, it’s safe to say that graphic pattern tiles can be anywhere and everywhere. This style really gives homeowners the chance to tap into their creative side, or hire a designer to get creative for them. We are also seeing encaustic (patterns that are burned into the surface) ceramic tiles being a popular choice for those with patterned tiles. Expect to see an array of bold prints and colors all over tiles this year!


bathroom remodel trends

The days of walking on a cold bathroom floor are over. Invest in a heating system for your bathroom floor. These systems are incorporated into the floor tile or other heat-compatible surface and completely safe. No matter how cold the rest of the house is, your bathroom floor will be ready to warm you and increase your comfort. Coupled with smart home functionality and it can get your bathroom toasty just before you stumble in every morning!

Floor radiant heating is available for many flooring styles including vinyl, tiles, wood and concrete. An added benefit of heated floors are their ability to assist in controlling allergies.  Heated floors reduce the need for heat to blow through vents disturbing dust and sending it scattering through the air.


bathroom remodel trends

As you spend some time in your bathroom, enjoy the atmosphere by including specialized vanity lighting. Task lighting around the vanity is an important component of well-lit bathroom. Rather than installing a single light fixture above your mirror, try installing two wall-mounted lights on either side of your vanity, which will eliminate shadows that affect your morning routine. Cabinets and counter tops are strategically placed to maximize the effects of the lighting and mirrors can be used to increase brightness. Lighting also gives you an opportunity to be creative. Add types of bulbs with different colors and create a tranquil world. Using colored bulbs and dimmers you can create a custom serene and relaxing spa like environment. 

5-Smart Storage

bathroom remodel trends

If your bathroom is not big enough to accommodate all the storage you need there are many smart options you can use to take advantage of your room’s vertical space. As you remodel the bathroom, install vertical cabinets that can take advantage of unused space from floor to ceiling.Pull out storage can be innovated as well, hiding unsightly cords and appliances that become available by pulling out a drawer.

Open shelves are another option if in-built cabinetry is not practical. As you think about storage, consider unconventional items like antique furniture that can be converted into shelves or the base of a modern sink.

The possibilities for your bathroom remodel are endless! Don’t put up with pink subway tile any longer- talk to Hellcat Construction today to get started!