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A business may be successful for many reasons but did you know that one of the most important factors to that success is the working environment? While maintaining a clean and friendly working space is a must, many times your office needs a complete renovation. A smart renovation has been proven to improve productivity, efficiency, and yes- revenue.

Among the most important steps in the process is choosing the right company for the job. Undergoing a task as vast as a renovation should be done carefully because of the lasting impact on the business. Seek an experienced team of experts, like us- Hellcat Commercial Construction Services here in Savannah GA. We work with clients in both the construction of new spaces as well as the renovation of current buildings.

What is most important to your project? Are you hoping to increase revenue, productivity or the image of your business? Are you simply growing and need more space? We love hearing the priorities of our customers who have a clear understanding of their priorities in the construction or renovation.

Consider the factors which are specific to your project and industry. The requirements for office spaces can vary widely, along with location and visibility to the public. Need quiet office spaces for concentration or uninterrupted work, or open layouts that create a feeling of teamwork? When these factors have been taken into account, you can begin the construction or renovation of your office space and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient and productive workplace.

Effect on Employees

We are influenced a great deal by our environment for just about any activity. When it comes to working environments, your productivity, morale and flow of information are in keeping with the quality of the office environment.

If the office space is clean, well organized and thought out, employees also feel motivated to be organized in their work habits and tasks. Think about your floor plan. Where are your bottlenecks and how does the layout communicate to people who use it? Traffic flow and different zones can be strategically arranged to maximize productivity and make your offices a great place to work.

Recent studies have show that the effect of natural light is important for basic well-being, which explains why newer office spaces incorporate as much window space as possible. It may be a bit more expensive to add more glazing to the plan, but the ROI will probably be positive!

New Commercial Construction Saves Money and the Planet

This may seem like a contradiction but the investment in a new office can lead to a reduction in energy bills. Many materials used in the last century aren’t up to the energy saving standards we’re adopting now. Current technologies in energy and materials will reduce your carbon footprint as well as decrease maintenance and increased energy costs in the future.

Renovations can prove to be beneficial even for health reasons. Buildings constructed before 1978 can contain asbestos. Lead paint and other materials must be remediated by law in many cases. Hellcat Construction can take a look at your building and offer you options that accomplish your goals on time and on budget.

Your Company’s Image

If you are public facing in your business, the impression an office space will leave on a client can be a deciding factor in whether or not they buy from you. People can connect the dots between the appearance of your workspace and what they can expect from your partnership with them. A beautifully designed and well-planned space communicates a company that cares for its business, employees and clients.